Monday, November 26, 2007

Sonya Sones Marathaon

This week I started reading books by Sonya Sones.  Our 8th grade book club is reading One of Those Hideous Book Where the Mother Dies for their discussion in November so I decided I better read it before we meet.  Well, since it is written in verse it definately is a fast read, but also once I started I couldn’t stop. 

Ruby’s mother passed away from what it sounds like is cancer.  She is sent to live with her movie star father in L.A. and is dreading every minute of it since she has never met her father.  She doesn’t want to leave her best friend or her boy friend and doesn’t know what to expect when she finally meets her father.

Ruby comes to learn that not everything is what it seems as she becomes accustomed to her new life.

In Stop Pretending is the first novel-in-verse Sonya Sones wrote.  It is an autobiographical novel about what happened when she was thirteen and her nineteen year old sister had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized.  The story is gripping and your heart breaks for the younger sister as she continues to try to keep her relationships going with her sick sister as well as her mother and father who have also been wounded by events.

What My Mother Doesn’t Know is about Sophie’s love life during her freshman year in high school.  She describes her first three loves and realizes that the one that isn’t her best choice socially might just be the best choice for her emotionally.

What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is the story from the point of view of the boy Sophie chooses in the end of What My Mother Doesn’t Know.  This sequel follows the lives of Sophie and the young man and their lives after making their relationship public. 

I loved every one of these books.  Sonya Sones really captures what it is like to be a teenager.  The stories really ring true.  I felt myself relating to Sophie several times and flashing back to my high school days and the days of first loves.

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