Saturday, February 16, 2008

CITY OF ASHES by Cassandra Clare

CITY OF ASHES is the much anticipated sequel to last year's City of Bones. Never have I been more excited to get a book in the mail. I have to admit, I was looking forward to CITY OF ASHES even more than when I was waiting for Harry Potter 7.

Re-entering the world of the Shadowhunters was thrilling. Clary and Jace are dealing with their father's theft of the Angel's Cup and are continuing to struggle with the fact that they are brother and sister.

In CITY OF ASHES we meet Alec and Izzy's parents with Mrs. Lightwood being the most prominent. She is doesn't trust Jace since Valentine has revealed himself. She is afraid that Jace is a spy for Valentine and tells him to move out of the Institute. She also calls The Inquisitor to determine Jace's punishment for his "alleged" role in theft of the Angel's Cup. Neither The Inquisitor nor Mrs. Lightwood believe Jace about the new plan Valentine has come up with to steal another of the Mortal Instruments - the Soul-Sword. Valentine will do whatever it takes to get it. His plan, once he has the sword, is to transform it from a sword that will kill demons to a sword that will kill members of the Clave. The transformation requires the blood of Downworlder children which leads to danger for Simon, Clary's best friend, and Maia, a member of Luke's pack. It falls to Jace and Clary, with the help of Luke and Magnus to engage Valentine in battle to prevent him from accomplishing his goal.

After reading CITY OF ASHES we know a little more about Alec, get to know Magnus better, discover some special abilities Clary and Jace possess, and get a hint that there might be more to Jace's lineage than we already thought. Cassandra Clare has the ability to create the kind of emotional tention that I haven't found since Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. You'll be sorry when you get to the last page and be tempted to turn back to page one and start the adventure all over again.

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  1. i'm so jealous of you right now! i can't wait to read this book!! i'm have a blog party for city of ahses a week before it's release. i hope you'll stop by and check it out!!


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