Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE LINE by Teri Hall - REVIEW

Dial – March 4, 2010

Rachel has lived on The Property since before she can remember.  Her mother works for Ms. Moore, the owner, as a housekeeper of the large house.  Rachel enjoys living far from town and away from the strong governmental control most other people must suffer.  People living in towns deal with unfair and random taxes and when they can’t pay, are taken to jail.
Most people would hate living on The Property because it backs up to The Line, a small section of the National Border Defense System that separates the people of the Unified States from Away and the Others.  The Line is an invisible barrier that can only be crossed if the government grants permission and deactivates The Line.
Rachel doesn’t feel fear when she thinks of Away.  She even tried to cross it once, but simply bounced back from The Line and landed flat on her back.
Rachel’s quiet life is turned upside down when two things happen.  First, she finds a battered digital voice recorder with a partial message requesting help.  Then, during a trip to town with her mother for the weekly supplies, they witness the arrest of a woman her mother recognizes.  Rachel discovers she doesn’t know her mother as well as she thought she did, that Ms. Moore has some unbelievable secrets, and the Away and the Others are closer than she thinks.  She must use her wits and bravery to get through a dangerous and exciting time in order to save an important historical document and people she doesn’t even know.
THE LINE by Teri Hall is a fascinating dystopian novel full of strong female characters and a dark, creepy plot.  The end, while a bit abrupt, is satisfying.  Readers will definitely want to read more about the adventures Rachel is sure to find.  The author leaves the story completely open for a sequel and I for one can’t wait to read it.
The synopsis isn’t the only thing I found intriguing about THE LINE.  Just take a look at the cover and tell me you don’t want to read it! Fantastic art choice!

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  1. This one looks a really great read. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :D


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