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Simon and Schuster - January 5, 2010

This is a companion book to I LOVE YOU, YOU HAUNT ME. There is no need to read one before the other, but if you enjoy reading one, you'll like the other just as much.

There has been a lot of death at Brooklyn's high school. First, there was Jackson after a terrible diving accident. Then, a year ago, Brooklyn's boyfriend, Lucca, died in a terrible car accident, and most recently, Gabe, Lucca's best friend and driver of the car at the time of the accident, killed himself after he couldn't take the guilt of Lucca's death for another day.

Brooklyn is having trouble getting over Lucca's death and Gabe's suicide only makes it worse. Soon after Gabe's death, Brooklyn begins having terrible nightmares where Gabe chases and torments her. She soon realizes Gabe doesn't just visit when she is asleep, but makes his presence known during her waking hours as well. He moves things and writes messages to her in an attempt to tell her something. She just can't figure out what he wants and the dreams are becoming more horrific as the days go by.

Nico, Lucca's brother, is being visited by a ghostly spirit as well - Lucca's. Nico receives the same message over and over again - day after day. "Help Brooklyn." Nico doesn't know what to do and has no idea what Brooklyn needs. He decides to ask her to join him in his training for an upcoming triathlon, hoping to get closer to her and give her something to focus on besides Lucca's death.

CHASING BROOKLYN is a fast-paced novel-in-verse. It is a story of friendship, love, and healing. The book alternates points-of-view between Brooklyn and Nico which gives the reader a great look at all sides of the story. Lisa Schroeder continues to provide thought-provoking and heart-felt stories for her readers.

If you enjoy I HEART YOU, I HAUNT YOU and CHASING BROOKLYN, be sure to check out Lisa's other novel-in-verse, FAR FROM YOU.


  1. I loved "I heart you,you haunt me", so I'm looking forward to read this one too! =)

  2. I am looking forward to reading this sooooo much!

  3. I am yet to read a book in verse and with such glowing reviews I know which book to pick first :)


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